Crescent by Mary Jane Capps Review


Synopsis: When your beloved witchy grandmother is dead, your best friend is dating the son of one of the meanest women in town, and your dreams have been hijacked by Southern belle spirits trying to kill you, what’s a girl to do? Caffeine up and go on a ghost hunt, of course! 

Crescent is the story of 16-year-old Stella Fortunat, a girl who wears way too much eyeliner and drinks an excessive amount of coffee. Most of her life has been occupied by work at her family’s café, blending her own eye shadows and sitting at the feet of her Tarot reading, Voodoo practicing “GG”.Now, Stella’s own prophetic dreams have taken a very dangerous turn and everyone seems to think she’s crazy. From mystical visions to masquerade balls, Crescent is a journey that’s dark, playful, poignant and funny.
Paperback and ebook 392 pages

Published October 28th 2015 by DreamFusion Press

My rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

WOW! Where do I even begin?! There is so much to love. Crescent is such an amazing book! I have been raving about this book to anyone that will listen since I finished it!

Let me start by saying that this is definitely a book for all ages. It may be written about a teenager but it was a very a very enjoyable read for me and I’m 26 and a parent! The author did such an AMAZING, believable job capturing and portraying the feelings and emotions of a sixteen year old girl. Sometimes there can be a bit of disconnect when an author tries to capture what it is to be a teenager. But Mary Jane Capps did it beautifully!

I loved loved loved Stella so so much! She very quickly became one of my favorite female characters! Her personality just jumped right off the page. She’s so quirky and funny. And confident! She isn’t ashamed to be herself and I loved that! You care about what happens when you love a character so much. It gets you invested in the story more than any other factor. The author has created some amazing characters! They are so real. So much more than three-dimensional. I can picture these characters as real people. All of them. Even the most minor of characters in this book are so extremely well-developed! I especially loved Stella’s grandmother, GG! She’s dead but she’s brought to life in the story through Stella’s memories and flashbacks. I found it amazing that the dead character in this book was more well-developed than a lot of main characters that I’ve read about. The dynamic between Stella and her parents was very realistic. It didn’t feel forced at any point. I really liked her parents. The setting of the of bakery was another aspect of the book that I loved. Stella’s best friend, Colette, was just as lovable as Stella. They made the perfect pair of detectives and I enjoyed being taken along for the ride! Jack Corteau was likable but I found Stella’s reactions to his courtesy and manners. Mrs. Couteau was a character I loved to hate and laugh about along with Stella. Mama Pearline, or Mama P, was a great addition to an already stellar cast of characters. She was hilarious. I loved the scenes with her and the memories with her and Evie(GG). I loved Dylan as well! He’s my idea of the perfect guy and he was so three-dimensional which is rare in a YA love interest! The relationship between Stella and Dylan was, by far, one of the best I’ve read in YA or any genre for that matter! I love that it wasn’t a major focus of the story. Their relationship developed at a natural pace and I found that refreshing. Especially since they are in high school! It was such a cute relationship but also had depth and feeling. I loved Stella’s feelings toward it though- that it didn’t consume her. That there was so much more to her and her life. Her love of makeup was another thing that endeared her to me as well as her spiritual journey. She was trying to find where she fit in spiritually. And all of that reminds me so much of myself at that age. Girls and women of all ages will love Stella and be able to identify with her. She’s an amazing character for young girls to read about. She’s quirky and confident and funny. Her personality and emotions felt so real. Tangible. She was real to me while I was reading her story.

The setting is another wonderful thing about Crescent. New Orleans, or the Crescent City. My family is from New Orleans and I live a few minutes away. It made me so happy that the author put so much of New Orleans and it’s history and magic into Crescent! I enjoyed getting to read a story that takes you through all the seasons and holidays in New Orleans. The culmination of the story around a Mardi Gras ball was just the icing on the King Cake! I’ve been to a Mardi Gras ball and the author did an exceptional job of capturing the atmosphere and and portraying how a sixteen year old girl would feel going to one for the first time.

Another thing I was very impressed with was the amount of research and effort the author put in to researching every detail and aspect of New Orleans and it’s history as well as Voodoo. It added to the book immensely! The magical/voodoo aspect of the story through Stella and her GG(as well as Mama P) was done very well. It never felt fake or corny. I’ve never read anything like Crescent. It is truly in a league of it’s own! Not a gem of a book but a diamond!

The mystery throughout the story was very well done. You are given clues at the perfect pace- not too much too soon or so little that you lose interest or get confused. It was never blatantly obvious what was going to happen next. The story was paced just right to keep you invested and on the edge of your seat, reading until you’re finished and desperate for more! I couldn’t put the book down. It played out like a movie in my head thanks to the author’s amazing writing and storytelling. Her descriptions brought everything to life around me. Crescent was a book that brought me through the gamut of emotions. It made me feel everything that the characters were feeling. This wasn’t just a great read- it was an amazing experience! A masterpiece! I would definitely recommend this book to EVERYONE! I would give it 6 stars if I could!

*I was provided with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review*


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